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  4. Cold Blue Steel to perform free concert in the park | Lewiston Sun Journal

We left about 11 am and after making a few stops we arrived at the Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion at Meadowbrook around We were the eager beavers The rest of Cold Blue Steel got there about a half hour later. Gary and Dani from Meadowbrook were working on the sound at the Magic Hat Stage and the band Blackberry Smoke was doing a sound check on the big stage. I set up the merchandise table so Rita, Rick Turcotte's wife, Dawn, Paul Martin's wife, and Lisa Castonguay, Jason Brooker's girlfriend, would have an easy time getting ready to sell their swag.

Amy, Jason Guimond's wife, and Jessica Seeley, his daughter and hung around with me. We were all so excited to see our men excited for their debut.

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Many of them were wearing their band t-shirts and winning prizes given out by Rita and Dawn with trivia questions. At , the gates opened and they got the signal and off they went! They played nonstop for almost TWO hours and the fans stayed! They sang along, they danced and, best of all, the screams were deafening!

People who had stopped by to listen to the great music stopped the guys for pics, t-shirts and coozies were sold and many asked about where they were from. You can check out her site and see the pictures she took of the show.

Cold Blue Steel Lyrics

I cried. Yup, I sure did. I was so happy and proud of them.

The best feeling in the world is seeing great things happen to great people. The main benefit of the hot bluing method is gun protection from corrosion. This method extends the life of a gun and restores it.

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  5. Use steel wool to remove any scarring, loose rust, or pitting from the arm metal. Take the gun all the way apart.

    Anything you don't apart will get salt molten in it, and it may be substantially more challenging to disassemble after bluing steel. You also need to remove all the springs you don't want to blue. Swab the parts, they don't have to be spotless but get the big stuff off.

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    The adequate chemicals for the bluing method are caustic chemicals. Always wear rubber gloves while working with these chemicals. Parts should be dipped in the bath for 15 minutes and scrubbed while being immersed to remove any dirt, oil, or grease that could get in the way of the bluing process. You can use any of chemical cleaners such as sodium triphosphate, naphtha, denatured alcohol, and acetone.

    Rinse the cleaning solution in a few minutes. Allow the gun parts to stay in the bluing solution from 15 to 30 minutes. Double-check when the metal has reached the desired color tone of bluing and remove it from the solution at that time. Rotate the parts through the cold water to wash off the bluing salts.

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    Leave to air dry for 3 minutes. After cold water rinsing, put the gun parts in boiling water. Simple parts need to be soaked for 15 to 20 minutes, while complex or decorated parts should be soaked for about 45 minutes. Soak the treated gun parts in a bath. Let the parts in the oil bath for an hour, until they have cooled, and you finished gun bluing task successfully. Cold bluing isn't especially resistant to holster wear, neither it provides a high degree of rust resistance.

    Generally, it gives an adequate cosmetic retouch of a gun's finish when applied and additionally oiled on a regular basis.

    Read the following steps and learn how to cold blue a gun. Polish the metal with the sandpaper as you would with either of the other bluing processes, but how you want to clean the arm depends on whether you need to blue the entire gun or touch up existing bluing. Gently spread the solution to the part to be blued as evenly as possible, applying a clean applicator. Use the solution in a single pass to cover small surfaces, or in parts no larger than 4 to 5 inches when covering large areas, then smooth it out using sandpaper.

    Repeat the applying of the solution several more times until you got the wanted bluing result. Spread a layer of gun oil a few more time, applying a cotton ball to remove the previous layer before spreading a new layer. Rust bluing is a great blue-black finish that was used by firearms companies before when hot bluing was invented.

    Cold Blue Steel to perform free concert in the park | Lewiston Sun Journal

    Rust bluing is very popular nowadays for custom hobbyists and gunsmiths on account of the quality and durability of finish that can be achieved without too much equipment. Rust bluing is a method of making steel rust in a controlled environment. Niter bluing can produce all shades between straw and dark blue. The process involves soaking of the gun part into a hot liquid potassium nitrate, which produces a uniformly colored finish. Like all other bluing methods, the most crucial step is metal preparation.