Manual Death on a Cellular Level

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  1. Necrosis as Programmed Cell Death
  2. How fast does death travel on a cellular level?
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  4. Die another way – non-apoptotic mechanisms of cell death | Journal of Cell Science

As death spread, the green globs died out. Programmed cell death is a little bit more complex than what you might think of as "instant death", i.

Necrosis as Programmed Cell Death

Look at your hands and you're actually looking at the result of programmed cell death that happened long ago in the womb. Towards the end of the first trimester, the cells that hold the hand together separate—otherwise, we'd be web-handed. It can also occur in cancer.

China has long spied on its own citizens, but a new report shows how foreigners are increasingly falling under the nation's watchful eye. Paris, France is just too real for some tourists to handle.

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Pathophysiology: Cellular Death

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How fast does death travel on a cellular level?

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About UCTV. Copy the following code and paste it into your web page to embed this video:. Apoptosis, sometimes called "cellular suicide," is a normal, programmed process of cellular self-destruction.

Even though it involves cell death, apoptosis serves a healthy and protective role in our bodies. The work of many researchers funded by the National Institutes of Health has taught us that apoptosis helps shape our physical features and organs before birth and rids our bodies of unneeded or potentially harmful cells.

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Without apoptosis, we wouldn't have distinct fingers and toes or the brain cell connections to understand the words in this article. Apoptosis also helps support the immune system. For instance, it plays a critical role during viral infections, killing off invaded cells before they spill over with virus particles. This act of self-sacrifice hampers the spread of viruses and can save the whole organism.

Die another way – non-apoptotic mechanisms of cell death | Journal of Cell Science

Cells come equipped with the instructions and instruments necessary for apoptosis. They keep these tools, called proteases, carefully tucked away like a set of sheathed knives, until some signal — either from within or outside the cell — triggers their release. This initiates a cascade of carefully coordinated events that culminate in the efficient, pain-free excision of cells. During apoptosis, the cell shrinks and pulls away from its neighbors.