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Hopefully someone else who did need it picked it up and are getting good use out of it. Fantastic tips. Looking at it from the other direction, making sure the stuff is visible from the road and not piled into bags is the real key. Plus I do not have any room for storage.

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Ah, yes, the scourge of the marking male dogs. Frugal Hound wishes that her uncouth gender would avoid their fragrant marking of delightful trash… but it is a problem. Great tips, haha. The population is only about , but we do have some great garage sales now and then. Maybe check and see if your town has something similar? Or maybe after hours at the church rubbish sale? He went up to ask if they were getting rid of them.

The owner said we could have them, and the teak dinning table and a lounger. I waited with all the furniture on the sidewalk while my husband went home for the car. What a superb find! I love that you hung out with the loot while he went home for the car. Great insight on trash finds: Having a dog is great for cruising alleys.

However, there is one drawback: dogs LOVE garbage. Some of my best trash finds have been at the end of the college semester and after prime moving days such as the 1st and 15th of warmer months. Another good place around here to get trash finds is on moving days near the dumpster of large apartment complexes.

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Some of it is just trash but sometimes you can find decent furniture and appliances. It is also a good place to find scrap and salvage wood, etc. So true about the doggies! Got to watch their little snouts! Leftover wood and building materials are wonderful trash finds. Hey, we do the same thing at stores on Black Friday so, why not?!

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I found the perfect one but … someone else claimed it first. It is amazing what people will give away! You should totally take a drive to Seattle! College students seem to throw out the best stuff. And, the free section of Craigslist is another awesome source for sure.

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This post made me laugh- only because 8 happened to me! When I was a kid a friend and I left our bikes by the road when we went indoors for lunch. After returning to ride we found them stolen! We cruised the neighborhood in her dads station wagon for an hour before finding them. Haha, oh no! Glad you got them back! Perfectly said! I would also recommend scouting by bike. If you find something big you can get home much quicker than on foot to get a car. You can also drive to different neighborhoods or areas with your bike and get out and ride around.

I found a really nice desk and iMac this way. I agree that it looks far less creepy than our minivan! Ho boy that was great! And that patio set! I can see we need a dog. Great tips! I miss living in the U-district in Seattle. People would routinely throw out great stuff. I once had a friend who was walking home from the bar with his buddies.

Dr. Shannon - Indoor Cycle Instructor Podcast | ICI/PRO Premium Education

A couch had been set out for the taking, so the three of them just hoisted it up and walked home with it. Our apartment complex also had a spot for dumping unwanted stuff. We got a free small bookcase and a pretty good if not terribly pretty TV stand. Love the serendipity of the couch find! And, nicely done on the bookcase and TV stand. Furniture is such a wonderful thing to find for free! Congratulations on some great finds!

Better to let someone else enjoy them.

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  7. I always try to think about someone who needs one being excited at finding it. Last year when we had a couple of mug accidents it was only a couple of weeks before we happened upon a couple of replacements. I love doing this. I think its great, make a little money, give someone a new ride and keep that bike out of the landfill. Win win win! Flipping bikes is a great idea! And, I totally agree with you on the value of keeping stuff out of the landfill.

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    That must have been a pretty mortifying moment — when the woman came running out to ask you not to take her table : I like your strategy of walking the dog while trash hunting. No one would see you as trash-hunters — just dog walkers. I do have a bad trash-find story. Several months later, I discovered a creepy, translucent, creature crawling our of one of the cushions.

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    That will be the end of driveway couches for me. Exceptions are made for exceptional pieces… but rarely. Thanks for sharing!. I live near a ton of apartment complexes and I cannot wait to to put these tips to use.

    This year alone, my boyfriend has found us a 60 inch t. Keep up the great work, I absolutely love your blog. Wow, nice find on the TV.