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  1. How to Fry Marbles and Make Crackle Bead Jewelry
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You can! I tried it out with only a few, but they all turned out. They look different thought the clear ones but are still really pretty. I am making a crystal mobil for my unborn baby daughter and they HAVE to be strong. I made 20 and so far only 5 have stuck really well. I am hanging crystals from a round wire and the marbleswill give it beautiful color but they have to be super super strong.. Im not sure what I am doin wrong here! I would think twice before making a mobile for a small child out of marbles.

I suspect you are using enough glue. More glue will not make it weaker. But please think about whether you want your baby around these marbles. I used the flat oval stones for flower vases and decorative bowls. I get mine from the dollar store. I used an old pan with a lid, put the marbles in, heat on high. When you can feel the heat coming through the pan place hand over pan to check , cover and cook for 10 minutes. Make your ice water while you wait. After 10 minutes, dump the marbles into the ice water and listen to them sizzle and crack.

Will have to try this but is there just on size marble would love some smaller and bigger ones for jewelry making? I make earring out of all sorts of marbles, now I have a new way to use the boring clear ones. Thanks a bunch. My brother and I used to do this to marbles when we were kids.

How to Fry Marbles and Make Crackle Bead Jewelry

Now I am 59 and still like doing kids stuff again. We never used the oven, we would put them in a small metal saucepan on the top of the gas range and would just move them around the pan. When the marbles got hot we would then pour them into a metal bowl of ice water. Why an eye pin?

Mara And The Outre: Delicious Fried Marbles

You obviously need to bend the inside loop out of the way to have the marble sit in the bead cap properly. Do you have to use clear marbles? Are they called Cats eye? Hi, Great Tutorial, I look forward to trying it out. They look Beautiful. I am curious if you might know how to cut a marble in half? I have been looking for a way too do it without expensive tools. I have a craft idea in mind. Thought you might be able to help. The cracked Marbles I cam see so many ways to use them in crafting.

Thank you for sharing. Where is the best place to buy the materials needed for this? Would you recommend Michaels or Hobby Lobby? Maybe the sun will scatter the colors around. An idea anyway. Thanks for the tutorial. I know that as I have a tube of it just behind me. I do mostly Polyclay and jewelry, and I looked for the best glue for everything, and E seems to be the most popular.

Ah, I remember making cracked marbles when I was a kid. And we actually played marbles with them. Never thought of making jewelry with them.

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Gives me ideas. Great Tutorial — very easy to follow. How big are the Marbles? My Aunt and my cousin use to this with marbles and I thought that was really cool. Going to do this with grandkids and see if they like it as much as I did. So glad I founds this. Thank you for posting. Well I have to say this takes me back to girl scouts when I first did them. So there are a certain kind and I finally pulled some from marbles that were for flower arrangements and they cracked. I sent my friend a necklace and she loved it. Will be taking on mission trips with my daughter soon to be a minister.

Blessings and such a god given talent! Thank you!

Here’s the video on how to make fried marbles.

I just started making mine, but I could only find clear marbles. I am going to paint it with nail polish. I wanted to seal them and was wondering if you knew a good sealant to use.

How to Make Cracked Marbles

Rose Cloud. Those are wonderful! I was hoping you could give me some advice on how long I should have them in the oven at degrees? I went to the dollar store, grabbed a bag of marbles, baked those puppies, then threw them in the ice and they turned out quite nicely. I do have to say the most difficult part for me was the gluing.

DIY Experiment for Kids: Fried Marble Jewels!

It did not seem to work — until I left it alone and looked at it later and saw the glue finally adhered and it was fine. Now I have at least half a dozen ready to have the jump rings added and corded. Just to jazz them up a bit and make it more pendent-y. Believe me I have crafted all my life and this is news! I bought a Dragons Claw pewter necklace with a glass marble already in it.

I would not recommend attempting to crack a marble that has already been set into a piece of jewelry.

See a Problem?

I found it difficult to bend the eye pin under the bell cap with the tools I had, so I inserted the looped end of the eye pin into the underside of the bell cap, trimmed the end of the eye pin, and then made a loop on the top of the bell cap. I also bent the looped end of the eye pin sideways so it laid flat next to the underside of the domed part of the bell cap.

It was much easier to manipulate the eye pin from the top rather than the bottom.

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I was then able to join a jump ring and necklace chain. My granddaughters loved these; I loved making them.

I have found if you bend it the opposite way of which way you want it to go, it then helps bend the circle better. You need the jewelry piece and a jump ring. All at craft stores again. I agree no holes, you glue the bead on top. I was wondering…when you put the eye pin in the cap and made the loop underneath, how did you get it to lay flat enough for the cap to fit on the marble without the marble hitting the loop underneath?

The bead caps have some room at the top- use a generous amount of glue, and you are good to go! Did you paint the marbles before or after you cracked them? How did you keep the marbles sparkling without just being a coating of paint? Thanks they look great if I can get as good results.

They are painted with nail polish- the clear-ish kind what has glitter in it. Most nail polishes are pretty resistant after they dry, and I did not seal them with anything. If the polish peels off, or wears off, it would be very simple to simply re-coat with more polish. Good luck! At a beauty supply you should be able to find a polish that is only glitter! Northern Lights and Diamond Dust are a couple names that come to mind.

It would enhance any colored marble! It is exquisitely clear just glitter!