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  1. Nothing Has Changed But Everything is Different by Davs
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  3. ‘Nothing's changed’: what happened next after UN poverty envoy's UK visit | Society | The Guardian

Nothing Has Changed But Everything is Different by Davs

Nobody raised their hand, simply because this meant being separated from their family, in a far-away city, where they could no longer provide the help they really needed. Their father decided to split them into two groups: those he considered the cleverest, and those who would be less likely to succeed. The first group, Rakita's group, were rewarded with being able to stay and look after the animals.

He was happy because he knew this decision meant that his father had put him in the clever group. He told us his story and what he thought had been a stroke of good luck turned out to be quite the opposite. He got a scholarship in the UK and, finally, became a manager in the best lodge in the Masai Mara Reserve, one of the most well-renowned parks in Kenya, and the world.

But his father was right about something, Rakita was one of the smart ones; he never gave up, never cursed his luck, never tried to justify his situation with excuses, and launched initiatives to change and improve.

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He taught himself English by practising with tourists, listening to the radio, reading tourist booklets and guides Five years later, his English was good enough for him to become a tour guide. This helped him increase his quality of life and improve his family's future. At the same time, he trained to become a farmer, helped his community to improve with projects for more efficient cultivation, taught English, and educated as many children as possible. There is a lot we can learn from Rakita about change and life:. Title Nothing changes, but if I change, everything changes.

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CEO of Americas at everis. Leave us a comment Your name.

People who make positive change start by choosing something small that they know they can influence and implement. Be it a process improvement, or a behavior or a culture change. By choosing something small, something you can change that will have a positive impact and then actually doing something about it feels great! Once you get a couple of changes implemented, and you start to see the benefits of the change, you think "that was easy! Give it a try! What's stopping you?

Fact: Positive people are happier. Nobody likes a moaner. They are draining and tiring to be around. So keep things in the positive. While it is important to identify and discuss the things that need fixing, there are benefits to using positive language to stop you spiraling down into the whining, moaning, blaming zone. Instead of talking about 'What's broken?

For example: I like that we have a monthly social gathering, I wish more people would come, I will seek to understand what the barriers are to people attending. The 'like' acts as 'what works', the 'wish' becomes the improvement you'd like to see and opportunity, and the 'will' becomes the action. All in a positive way. Celebrate and share your successes - every time! Make the time to celebrate successful changes - no matter how small. Whether it is a change that you made by yourself, or with a team, it is important to share and celebrate success stories.

‘Nothing's changed’: what happened next after UN poverty envoy's UK visit | Society | The Guardian

By doing this, people see how excited and happy you are that you are making a difference, and it can be contagious! When we tell positive stories about how we are trying to impact change and what we are working on, or doing, people start to think "I might give that a go too! If they can do it, why can't I?

We once celebrated a success simply with a cake that had iced writing on it that said 'Got Shit Done!

So, there you go.