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High above, a kestrel falcon hovers. It's not the only bird of prey that can do it. Ich sehe eine Frau und frage sie: "Entschuldigung, darf ich Sie fotografieren? Also mache ich das Foto mit Blitz.

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Dann frag ich sie, ob ich sie in einem Hotel fotografieren darf, und sie sagt ja. Sie sagt ja! Wir fahren im Auto herum, machen die Musik an, nett und ruhig, und finden ein Hotel. Well, I see this woman and ask her, "Excuse me, can I take a picture of you? So, I take the picture, with a flash.

Then I ask here if I could take her picture in a hotel, too and she says yes. She says yes! We drive around a little in the car, turn on some music, nice and soft, and we find a hotel. I sit down in the chair, the camera in my lap, she sits on the bed. She sits on the bed, but then she feels somehow nervous Bist du wach? Ich mein', ich kenn' dich nicht, Mann, aber du bist wie ein Bruder.

Um 22 Uhr geht in den Quartieren das Licht aus. Are you awake? Those guys are fucking you up, you hear me? I mean, I don't know you man, but to me you're like a brother. At 10 pm ligths are killed in the quarters. Master Bob, der psychedelische Priester des Relativismus, gibt dir eine kleine Gebrauchsanweisung zum menschlichen Gehirn.

Du hast die Definitionsmacht! Der Himmel ist deine Wahl! A diabolically simple question chanted by the choir of enlightenment leads to the core conditions of human perception. We are hypnotized by words. Assholes like Plato SAY that leaves do really exist. Who is he to judge? And who is the master who makes the grass green?

Das machte ihn nicht nur zur Sportlegende, sondern auch zum Symbol eines sich vom Kolonialismus befreienden Kontinents. Evoking the Olympic marathon in Rome in which Ethiopian Abebe Bikila won Africa's first gold medal, running barefoot and becoming a sporting legend and symbol of an Africa freeing itself from colonialism in the process, the artists have recontextualised this amidst Rome's rationalist architecture as a new race involving refugees and immigrants staking a claim to "freedom of movement". Manche Mythen verschwinden nicht. Wings beating, hopping, snorting - the red glow of a dragon's cave fills the cinema, yet its denizen leads a shadowy existence; it licks, whistles, rants and raves until the roof collapses on its head.

Andreas Gritsch (Germany)

Some myths never die. Die Nachbarn wissen von nichts. The areas surrounding nine refugee hostels: closed fences, empty yards, places of missed encounters. Arson attacks? The neighbours know nothing about it. A film about fear and trust, compassion and exclusion. Die Unberechenbarkeit der Situation wird durch den Einsatz von Schaum gesteigert, der den Teilnehmern die Sicht erschwert.

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  • Ein Aufeinandertreffen von Mensch und Tier inmitten einer abstrakten Schaumlandschaft. The film documents a bull fight in the South of France and comments in a subtle manner the disparity between the young, adrenaline rushed participants and the physically superior bull, which gets cornered by the participants.

    The unpredictability of the situation is increased by foam, which affects the view of the participants and the audience therefore. An encounter of humans and animal in an abstract landscape of foam.

    An animation filmmaker answers extensively and instructively how he made his film. Consumer goods as religious cult objects, capitalism as a superficial and meaningless religion. Its believers: Uprooted fragments of themselves? Eine seltsame Erkundung der innersten Gedanken eines ungeliebten, herumstreunenden Hundes.

    Programm 12222

    A strange exploration of the translated inner thoughts of an unloved, marauding dog. Er reist ihr hinterher, versucht vergeblich sie zu finden. They had a normal father-daughter relation. One day she told him to set off for a wedding party in Denmark. But that was a lie. A few months later she started her new life. As the wife of a djihadist living in Syria.

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    Anhand kleiner, bewusst sehr grob gebauter Knetfiguren wird dieser Frage spielerisch nachgegangen. Nader ist gewohnt, auf die Fresse zu bekommen, aber er weigert sich, die Liebe aufzugeben. Nader is used to getting slapped in the face, but refuses to give up on love. The problem is, he is unaware of the punches he throws himself. Murat dargestellt von Murat Arslan hat versucht es ihm auszureden, doch Adam dargestellt von Adam Bousdoukos wird nicht von seiner Idee ablassen: Er will beim Triathlon mitmachen und das, obwohl er echt nicht so die Sportskanone ist.

    Murat soll ihn hin fahren aber der Tag beginnt nicht so, wie die beiden es abgemacht hatten Based on a true story! Despite his friend Murat's advice, Adam played by Adam Bousdoukos plans to take part in a triathlon, although he is not exactly a superjock.

    Of course, Murat played by Murat Arslan is more or less right and the day does not go as planned.. Director Ken Hagen Takenaka mixes live action scenes and animation to create an entertaining short comedy, that is actually based on a true story!

    Among its core values, alongside the inviolability of human dignity, article 5 determined the freedom from censorship: "Every person shall have the right freely to express and disseminate his opinions in speech, writing and pictures [? A quick glance at other countries reveals that even in nations that describe themselves as democratic, censorship is being increasingly used as a cultural- political instrument.

    In the face of massive political, social, technological and ecological challenges, freedom of speech seems to be turning into an expendable good in the eyes of many. Democracy must be contended for every day! To talk about this, we invited the following speakers to our forum: Dr Wolf Iro, director of the Tel Aviv Goethe Institute and former director of regional programme work at the Moscow Goethe Institute.

    He is the initiator of the film project "Cut it out". The discussion is accompanied by films from the Goethe Institute project "Cut it out - Films Against Censorship", for which directors from 20 countries created short films of 45 seconds against censorship. These films set a visible sign of solidarity with people in all countries in which freedom of speech is limited. They intend to warn of the dangers of censorship that are threatening liberal countries as well. Popo Fan b. Currently, he lives in Berlin and is developing his feature debut.

    Three-dimensional bioprinting of thick vascularized tissues

    At Berlinale , he was jury member of the Teddy Award. Wolf Iro b. He has been working at the Goethe Institute since He was the director of regional programme work in Moscow from to early and has been an Institute director in Israel ever since. Vladimir Nadein b. Demokratie muss jeden Tag erstritten werden! Er ist der Initiator des Filmprojekts "Cut it out".

    Sie wollen auf die Gefahr von Zensur aufmerksam machen, die auch liberale Gesellschaften bedroht. Popo Fan geb. Bei der Berlinale war er Jurymitglied des Teddy Preises. Wolf Iro geb. Seit arbeitet er beim Goethe-Institut, von bis Anfang als Leiter der regionalen Programmarbeit in Moskau und seitdem als Institutsleiter in Israel. Vladimir Nadein geb.

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    Internationalen Kurzfilmtagen Oberhausen. Der Tatbestand: ein abgeschnittenes Ohr im Namen eines Gottes. Doch der Fall entwickelt sich schnell zum Tumult - und der Gerichtszeichner ist mittendrin. It seems to be a normal day at court for a court sketch artist. The factual findings: an ear cut off in the name of god. But the case quickly escalates into pandemonium, with the court sketch artist in the middle.

    The film deals with rare and common optical phenomena that occur in nature. These phenomena evoke familiar images such as shadows or reflections on a water surface; but also unusual ones like the "Brocken spectre" or the pinhole effect during a solar eclipse. These ancient and natural projections can be considered as pre-cultural and independent of any apparatus.